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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Keep Car Up-To-Date

  • Windshields

In case your car’s windshield is broken or cracked it needs to be repaired immediately. Many times automobile owners don’t understand exactly how unsafe driving with broken windshield can be. A damaged windshield will fail to carry out its task in the right way and is weakened extraordinarily by the previous.

If something somehow happened to hit your already damaged windshield, then it could come directly through and could make your windshield burst also. In most of the situations the windshield can be repaired if taken in for repair quickly. It is affordable and mostly the insurance company will pay for the repairs done.

  • Brakes

You need to understand that brakes maintenance is quite necessary as your safety depends on it. Negligence in this field might result in disastrous accidents. Find a renowned mechanic shop that offers high level of brake job. By ensuring that brakes of your car in a good condition, you can hit the road with full confidence and complete safety.

  • Headlights

If your car’s headlights are foggy, hazy or stained, then you have to get them repaired. If the headlights are in these sorts of conditions then it can lessen your night driving vision by almost 80%. That is quite a lot, which implies in the event you have a so much decline of visibility then there is a rise in the chance of an accident to happen.

Headlights can be repaired effectively and requiring small amount of money. These changes in the headlights happen due to various reasons, so an expert will utilise tools and techniques to resolve the problem. Clean and undamaged headlights will give more secure driving conditions and they will look better as well!

Rock Chip Repair

Procedure for rock chip repair

You can do this repair yourself by using a kit that you can purchase at auto repair stores. This kit contains the adhesive compound and a syringe. The instructions are in the kit. It is advisable to have the rock chip repair done by a professional because doing it yourself can leave you with a messy job and possibly replacement of the windshield. When the professional auto glass technician does the job, they will first clean the windshield and vacuum the chip to get rid of any debris or glass shards in the crack or hole. An optically compatible glass resin is injected into the crack or hole and then sealed dry using an ultraviolet light. This will help to prevent the class from cracking more from the area where the hole or crack was.

Cost of rock chip repair

If you decide to use the kit it will cost approximately thirty dollars but if you take it to an auto glass repair service it will cost approximately sixty dollars for the first process and twenty dollars for every other rock chip repair on the windshield done on this visit. If you have multiple cracks or holes or had this repair work done before you should choose to replace the windshield. Normally this type of repair work is covered by your auto insurance but you should check first.

Reversing Camera in Older Cars

The newer vehicle has many safety features such as cruise control, air bags, and other things but it is lacking a lot of the good features of the Datsun. It is a Toyota Camry Altise and a great vehicle for me around town and on short trips. But reversing into parking spots has been a great handicap.

It is hard to see where things are and there is no rubber on the bumper bars which means that any tiny bump removes the paint leaving ugly scarring. This became a problem for me as it was embarrassing.

My son was able to do a major service on the car and he included repainting the parts that had the paint scarring. While he did a fantastic job it made me nervous to park anywhere for fear of doing the same type of damage again.

The problem was solved, however, when he bought me a beautiful reversing camera with video, and so on, for mother’s day. Soon after he fitted it for me and now the worry of reversing has gone.

This is a great innovation and every older vehicle should be fitted with such a device. It also allows one to see if there is a pedestrian or small child in the rear before reversing. With so many children run over in the driveway of their homes and elsewhere because the drivers had no vision of them is tragic. Many of them are killed by their own parent.

While it is unnecessary to phase the older cars out and for governments to insist on their replacement what they should be looking at is making it compulsory for all vehicles to have a reversing camera fitted. It only took my son about 2 hours or less to fit the camera and now I also have a front camera in the device that will record anything that might happen in front of me as well. That could be an accident or even a video of the road conditions.

Changing Car Air Filters

protect your car from damage

Filters prevent foreign particles from getting access to the inside of the car’s engine. Even when a small particle gets into the engine it can cause a lot of damage to the moving parts. The damage gets worse as more particles get into the engine. A clean car filter traps all the air debris ensuring that none gets into the engine. This protects your car from damage. Since the car and the engine aren’t damaged, they last for a long time.

increase the efficiency of the car

Studies by experts show that clean car filters increase the car’s efficiency by up to 14%. The reason for this is because there is plenty of clean air in the engine thus the car doesn’t strain burning fuel. Due to the efficiency, you spend less money than when the car is running on a dirty air filter.

reduce car emissions

Dirty filters reduce air flow to the engine thus affecting emission control systems. Faulty emission control systems result to an incorrect air-fuel mixture. When the fuel mixture is too much, it can result in engine deposits resulting to a lot of emissions. In addition to the high emissions, it’s also common for the car to consume more fuel than it should.

Changing the car filter

As you have seen, there are plenty of benefits that come with replacing your car filter. The cool thing with air filter replacement is that you can do it on your own. When replacing the filters, ensure that you replace them with identical ones designed for the exact match and model of car. Car filters come in different shapes, designs, and sizes; therefore, you should first remove the one in the car and buy a similar one that resembles it. For ideal results, ensure that you buy from a reputable store.